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Portland - Essendon Airport News - - 28/10/2008

This is just a short note to update you on how the meeting at Essendon airport went and also to say thank you so much for all those who attended.

There were well over 80 supporters in attendance to the meeting, the
meeting went for a short 35 minutes and there were a variety of speakers including Peter Ryan the leader of the National party.

Other Guests Included

Mr Malcolm Sharp - Sharp Airlines
Dr Graham Dennerstrein - Doctor
Mr Peter O'Rorke - Australian Airports Association
Mr Paul Tyrell - Regional Aviation Association Of Australia
Mr Marcus Rentsch - Southern Grampians Mayor

Supporters had the opportunity to ask questions and stress there concerns with the proposed closure of the airport. Based on our first meeting we are now arranging meetings across Regional Victoria to give the voice of the Country.

One other thing is that we are now running two petitions, a online petition and a written petition. Even if you have signed the online petition please download the written one from the website and pass it around your family, friends and work colleagues and help us gather signatures. Once the form is complete please fax or email it back to us. If you received a email about the online petition being taken offline please ignore this as we are now running two petitions. The online petition can be used as supporting and miscellaneous documents so both petitions can be tabled in parliament.

The full meeting can be watched online through our website, just logon to www.saveessendonairport.com.au and click on the new youtube channel. Once again thank you so much for all who attended and have supported us and we look forward to seeing you all at further meetings. One last thing if you attended the meeting I would appreciate any feedback on the meeting so we can make sure we incorporate your suggestions in the next meeting.

If you have any further questions or would like to find our further
information please email us via our website or phone us on 0437 078 832.

Kind Regards,
Save Essendon Airport

New Members - - 21/09/2008

Welcome to our New Members:

Portland Ocean Steel
Portland Retravision
Strang International
Exile Concrete Pumping
Portland Observer
LG & BA McIIroy

Congratulations to our Community Members:

Portland Education Network - Marg Millard
Portland/Heywood Ministers Association - John Simpson
Kyeema - Lionel Gee

Thank you to our In Kind Members

Peter Reefman - Energised Web Design
Andrew Bryant - Portland Signworks

Website launched - - 16/08/2008

Welcome to our new website! You'll not only find out everything possible about the Committee for Portland, but also about Portland itself.

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